Why should you choose the automated picking

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Why should you choose the automated picking

Uteco-Contec offers to its customers a wide number of proposals of automated warehouses. One of these is the automated picking, which was created primarily for the warehouse product management.

The English verb from where the term picking comes from is “to pick”, that literally means “harvest”: automated picking, as a matter of fact, consists in selecting and picking up a material from a shelf of a warehouse-or from an automatic magazine compartment – to send it to a customer or to the final stage of a production assembly line.

Picking in general also concerns the loading of packages, pallets, packaging of various kinds, shapes and dimension – and, of course, also the picking of a specific material from a shelf or a storage compartment.

It’s easy to realize, automated picking is very important in a company production chain, as it allows you to pick up a material quickly by launching it with a simple input. The picking, therefore, automates a fundamental process as it can be that of the collection, so as to make the work in the warehouse even more practical and faster than a simple traditional cataloging.

Furthermore, with automatic picking, it is easier to control more directly a warehouse production flow, transforming the in stock products listing even quicker.

Whatever your company is, picking is one of the most important phases: making them at their best will save you money, time and space.