VIPA S.p.a., a leading company in the field of screws, bolts and present on the international market since 1970 which has several subsidiaries in the world, have contacted Uteco-Contec for the study and realization of an automatic system for the management of warehouse and picking flows, to be installed in their Headquarters in ROLO (REGGIO EMILIA).

The current plant of over 17,000 square meters, will be expanded by about 8,000 square meters in which the construction of the automatic system was studied, proposed and acquired in 2017.

The plant realised by Uteco-Contec, which will be installed and operating by the end of 2018, is composed of:

  • Pallet conveyance system interfaced with the existing factory and the new automatic warehouse
  • Automatic warehouse for crates with miniload for the management of the bulk product (capacity 32.000 crates amounting to 64,000 / 250,000 boxes)
  • Layer depalletization point
  • Single box robotic automated picking points
  • Manual picking bays

All new plant will be interconnected with existing factory.

The supplied automation has been studied, designed and built by Uteco-Contec, with the use of first-rate components, also paying more attention to energy savings, using engines with integrated inverter and motor-driven rollers 24 Volt.