The automatic palletizers

The automatic palletizers

Along with additional areas such as warehouse handling and storage of materials, Uteco-Contec deals with the construction and design of automatic palletizers.

What is a palletizer and how does it work exactly? Is actually very simple. An automatic palletizer aims to stack materials of various kinds, placing them on a pallet and locking them on it by wrapping them up, usually in cellophane. In this way, the transport of the materials is safe and does not endanger their integrity.

Uteco-Contec company deals personally with the design and construction of secure and efficient automatic palletizers, easy-to-use and capable of transferring any type of material, regardless of size, distance and route.

The automatic palletizer it’s perfect to organize over a single pallet, just to save for example time and space: one of the sectors which make greater use of palletizers is as a matter of fact the food one, which may need to stack several foodstuffs in a single pallet.

The automation of warehouses, as well as automatic palletizing, is a continuous sector evolution, which companies tend to embrace to optimize costs and speed up production.

More and more companies, in fact, regardless their size, have decided to automate their warehouses, even with automatic palletizers. The reason? It’s very simple: with the automation of warehouses it’s possible to save time, manpower, space – and above all money.