Anatomy of an automated warehouse

Anatomy of an automated warehouse

UtecoContec is a company based in Modena with automated warehouses in over twenty countries in the world. The company’s main concern is to look at stocking as an organic and integral part of the production process and not as a mere storage room, in which the goods are stocked before being shipped.

The complex system of automated warehouses

A control and logistics management software controls the complex system, on which automated warehouses are built. While operating, stacker cranes require a defined organization, in order to play its facilitating function in warehouse logistics. UtecoContec is currently carrying out systems of curve-capable steering stacker cranes with single or double equipment, so that relocation systems will be made more flexible and dynamic.

These systems have a single- or double-column structure with a range of over one ton and account for the bulk of an automated warehouse. This solution allows a solid communication between location and distribution.

Industrial Automatic Procedures

Integrated logistics of automated warehouses aim to increase rapidly and accurately the storage process. The industrial automated system owes its accuracy to high-performance robots, automatic palletizers and mechanical arms and their state-of-the-art flexibility. With these devices, every task will be accomplished accordingly to the client’s needs.