UTECO CONTEC SRL, Automazione industriale Sistema automazione e Software gestione magazzini


UTECO CONTEC continues to assist the customer after the product has been delivered with qualified and ensured after-sales services, which are particularly essential during the first phases of use of more complex installations where operators need to become familiar with the system

Uteco-Contec can provide constant monitoring of the efficiency of the single parts and a remote assistance service, with immediate intervention through a dedicated telephone line, for the diagnosis and quick solution of any malfunction.

The assistance service offered by UTECO CONTEC operates 24/7 and guarantees the availability of technical staff qualified for emergency response which is provided when the customer is not able to solve the problem on his/her own.

In addition to these opportunities there are also maintenance and scheduled assistance contracts that UTECO CONTEC can personalise based on the needs of the installation and/or the customer, accordingly guaranteeing optimal operation and the life-span of the installations.