UTECO CONTEC SRL, Automazione industriale Sistema automazione e Software gestione magazzini


Since 1987 UTECO CONTEC has been designing and producing automatic palletising and depalletising systems for every industrial sector.

Today, thanks to our experience from many years in the business and our on-going commitment to research and development of new technologies, we can offer a wide range of machines with increased performance and reliability. 

UTECO CONTEC was the first company in Italy to develop an automated palletising system for layers containing different-sized packages. Our software manages the entire palletising system, ensuring that packages are sent to the robot in according to a pre-set sequence, applying criteria that allows stable pallets to be put together, suitable for automatic handling.

All of the machines are equipped with special gripping units that can handle the most diverse types of products, with single-piece or multi-piece gripping functions (rows or layers).

  • Types of robots
  • Single-beam portal type Cartesian robots 
  • Portal type Cartesian robots 
  • Cartesian robots with ground-mounted rails 
  • 4-axis anthropomorphic robots
  • 6-axis anthropomorphic robots