UTECO CONTEC SRL, Automazione industriale Sistema automazione e Software gestione magazzini


The company's experience and the flexibility of its products allow UTECO-CONTEC to build industrial automation systems that are capable of solving any problem concerning logistics and handling, guaranteeing high quality and reliability of its systems.

Today, thanks to its qualified in-house technical staff, UTECO-CONTEC is able to provide "TURN-KEY SYSTEMS" such as:

  • Automated warehouses with stacker cranes (including operation at temperatures as low as -30°C) 
  • Miniload automated warehouses
  • Vertical automated warehouses (HiBox)
  • Automatic palletisers (anthropomorphic and Cartesian robots)
  • Conveyor lines for loose and packaged products
  • Waste conveyor lines.
  • Automatic picking, automatic depalletising and preparing orders
  • Elevators and lowerators
  • Shuttle Rail Systems
  • Complete handling systems in the following industrial sectors: food and confectionery, chemical, textiles, pharmaceutical, mechanical, automotive, electronic, furnishings, electrical appliances, paper, waste disposal
  • Special personalised automations
  • Automatic and manual warehouse management software (WAS)
  • Data transmission and management systems with portable terminals
  • System Supervising Software