UTECO CONTEC SRL, Automazione industriale Sistema automazione e Software gestione magazzini

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UTECO s.r.l. was founded in 1983 by a group of technicians who had over 15 years of experience in the internal transportation and industrial automations sector.

Initially, the company mainly provided consulting and design services, outsourcing the production of the systems.

In 1985 UTECO acquired its own company facilities, now offering installation and after-sales services, in addition to having its own production unit.

In the beginning, UTECO's customer portfolio was essentially comprised of companies that sub-contracted system sectors; towards the end of the 80's, when its brand and experience were well-consolidated, UTECO changed its commercial strategy with great success, focusing on the production of complete systems intended for very diverse industrial sectors.

Over the course of this process UTECO has focused its attention more and more on leading edge automations, applying newer and more modern construction technologies, concentrating on handling in automated warehouses and developing high performance palletising systems.

In October 1996 UTECO bought over the CONTEC brand (already operating in the market since 1968), expanding its staff and relocating production from Modena to San Damaso (MO).

In September 2005 the company moved to its new headquarters in Campogalliano (MO), with a workshop of 2500 sqm, and a 500 sqm-office area; with the aim of expanding and pursuing development, management decided to bring in three new partners, all specialised technicians in the sector. 

In 2006, with the aim of increasing the number of services offered to its customers, Uteco-Contec built its own electrical department, therefore putting together a work group of experts in the sector. 

Accordingly, with such a strong consolidation, UTECO-CONTEC further increased its presence on the market by partaking in specialised trade shows, conventions and by publishing articles and advertising in the most prominent magazines in the industry.

In 2008 Uteco-contec developed technologies for new emerging sectors. In fact, specific systems were developed for the disposal of solid urban refuse and medical waste.

In 2009, thanks to an important project for one of the world's largest producers of tyres, UTECO-CONTEC developed technologies in the automotive sector, building installations in various parts of the world.

The company's increasingly steadfast presence in foreign markets led Uteco to begin collaborating with trade offices abroad, and in this view, in 2010 a representative office was set up in Moscow for the Eastern European market.

Today, Uteco-Contec has consolidated its presence in national and international markets by producing systems that are absolutely cutting edge in the industrial automations sector.